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Full Stack Web Developer
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With the goal to increase your lead, revenue, and ROI, Leed is a digital platform serving across the globe.


If you are looking for a mix of a hardworking, smart, skilled, experienced, problem solver with and diverse background in the web ecosystem, proven leadership, organizational skills, and result oriented, just bring the Leed in.

Proven Results

Every member of our team is a specialist in the relevant domains. We have a proven track record of helping clients grow their businesses. Our high client retention rate and consistent results make us the service provider in the global Market.

On-time Delivery

Leed always sets realistic deadlines and makes sure to stick to them. Furthermore, Leed works closely with our clients to keep them updated as we progress. Our high client retention rate and consistent results make us a global successor.

Great Support

Our clients can communicate easily with us. We offer exceptional support to help solve your queries. Our customer service representatives are more than happy to assist you.

SEO Experts

Leed is a platform for full-stack web developers & designers who build custom websites, custom CRMs, web applications, and Saas solutions from scratch.

Screening Process

  • Excellent technical communication

    26.4%pass rate

    Our developers possess strong communication skills. They work effectively across multiple collaboration tools and easily convey complex ideas and concepts.

  • Core skills and algorithms

    17.4%pass rate

    Each developer is directed to a panel of leading experts to establish their fundamentals, problem-solving ability, and technical aptitude.

  • Proactive problem-solving

    13.6%pass rate

    Our developers are highly skilled in tackling roadblocks creatively. Each candidate is live-screened by two top developers who have to offer multiple paths to the solution.

  • End-to-End project execution

    13.2%pass rate

    Each developer is required to explain the fundamentals, problem-solving ability, and technical aptitude through a panel of leading experts.

  • Continued Excellence

    29.4%pass rate

    Leed’s selection would offer you a great working atmosphere, where inspiring keep striving are keys to customer satisfaction.

Let’s Build a Future Together!

” Don’t regret the past simply because you can’t see that it helped build your future. “

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