Flutter App Development Company (2023)

Flutter App Development Company

Flutter is an open-source framework provided by Google for building multi-platform apps. The platform allows Flutter developers to create native apps using a single codebase. Different Flutter app development companies are present that provide excellent services.  

With the increasing demands of applications, the Flutter platform has emerged as one of the most popular platforms. First version of Flutter was known as “Sky.” Top companies that provide Flutter services have been mentioned in this article. Flutter apps are written in “Dart” languages and provide multiple features.

What is the Flutter App?

Developed by Google, Flutter is a mobile app development platform developers use. It enables the easy development of web, desktop, and cross-platform apps using only one code base compared with traditional app creation methods.
Flutter serves as a software development kit used for building high-performance and intuitive apps, with various app development companies offering services dedicated to Flutter development for building creative apps with its help.

Flutter App Development Services

Our Flutter app development company may offer such innovative services. The main features of Flutter include the following:

  • Dart Programming Language 
  • Hot reload
  • Flutter engine
  • Expressive and flexible UI
  • Foundation library
  • Design-specific widgets
  • Native performance
  • Flutter Development Tools (DevTools)
  • Open Source 

What is Flutter Apps Used for?

  • Flutter platform serves multiple purposes, being one of the top choices for Android and iOS app development.
  • Flutter employs the Dart programming language, which Google develops.
  • It relies on a widget-based approach, enabling the application of object-oriented principles to any element.
  • Developers benefit from not having to write separate code for each platform.
  • With a single codebase, they can also produce native programs for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Notably, big companies such as eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba Group adopt the Flutter platform.
  • Flutter facilitates the customization of widgets to meet developers’ specific requirements.

Flutter App Development Process

Flutter App Development Process

Different Flutter app development companies are present, each with its process. But the basic Flutter app development process is as follows:

Requirement Gathering

The initial step in developing the Flutter app is gathering requirements. This involves consulting clients and understanding their requirements. Flutter app development company meets with clients individually to discuss goals, products, and objectives as part of this step.


Once a Flutter development company collects all the project details, its developers begin conceptualizing an app based on the client’s desires. They create an outline to aid their work during development – what functions and visual aspects it will have and which technologies and tools will be employed during this stage.


After conceptualization comes development, where developers begin building the app based on client requests and user feedback for optimal product development.


Once an app has been developed, Flutter app development companies move on to testing. Here, it is thoroughly checked for bugs. Once this step has been passed successfully, deployment can begin.


Once an app meets client criteria, its deployment begins. Flutter app development company also offers ongoing support and maintenance if necessary.

Flutter App Advantages & Disadvantages

Before discussing some of the main Flutter app development companies let’s discuss the pros and cons. Following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of Flutter platform:

Allows to use single codebase for multiple platformsConsists of large file size
Fast Development with the Hot Reload featureAlthough multiple widgets are present but there is a lack of Libraries and Packages
Rich set of widgets for developing customer user interfaceTooling is not as good as compared to other platforms
Native-Like PerformanceLimited Support for Older Devices
Customizable Widgets and UILack of Full Control over the UI
Ideal for MVP DevelopmentUnfamiliarity with Dart Language for developers
Has a strong community supportUpdating programming requirements requires updating Flutter modules which is complex. 

Best Flutter App Development Companies

Some of the best Flutter App Development Companies are as follows:


OpenXcell is a Flutter app development company best known for developing innovative designs. They have developed products for multiple brands, including Byju’s, Orderhive, Sin7, etc. and have extensive experience developing scalable mobile apps. They also offer 100% client satisfaction by doing testing multiple times. OpenXcell has developed more than 700 products for its clients. Main features of the OpenXcell company are as follows:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
OpenXcell2009Las Vegas, Nevada, US$10,000+$25 per hour201 – 500ISO 9001:2008 certified

Konstant Infosolutions

For comprehensive solutions regarding the creation of websites and applications, Konstant Infosolutions is a renowned company. They also provide additional support for the internal projects. Their goal is to deliver high quality and exceptional products to different services. Konstant Infosolutions overview is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Konstant Infosolutions2003New York, US$5,000+$25 – $49 / hr50 – 250Provides comprehensive solutions for websites and apps


GetWidget is one of the top Flutter App Development Companies known for developing user-friendly applications. Their skilled developers and designers ensure the app is developed according to client requirements. They have successfully developed a collection of different native iOS and Android apps. An overview of the company is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Getwidget2017USA$5,000+$25 – $50 / hr100+Known for user-friendly app development


For developing user friendly applications, another well known Flutter app development company is Ionicfirebaseapp. They provide their services in building Flutter apps, desktop development, web apps, hybrid apps, backend, and more. Different technologies used in Ionicfirebaseapp companies are Node JS, JavaScript, Flutter, AngularJS, and many more. For further information, an overview is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Ionicfirebaseapp2017Taxes, United States$10,000+$50 – $70 / hr100+Specializes in various app development technologies


An innovative and industry-leading company that provides its services to clients is WillowTree. They have award-winning strategists and UX/UI designers who can develop intuitive applications. WillowTree has delivered more than 1,000 products and digital solutions. Their main clients are Century Fox, Regal Cinemas, National Geographic, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and much more. Some further information regarding the Flutter app development company WillowTree is as follows:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
WillowTree2007Charlottesville, VA, US$250,000+$150 – $199 / hr500+Award-winning strategists and UX/UI designers


Using Flutter MindInventory is one of the best options for Android app development. Known for delivering digital solutions within the required time and budget. MindInventory has expertise in a wide range of technologies. Their developers and designers can easily work on different platforms, including iOS, React Native, Flutter, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, etc. An overview of MindInventory is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
MindInventory2011USA$10,000+$25 – $49 / hr250 – 999Expertise in various technologies and platforms


Appinventiv is another Flutter app development company known for its expertise in Flutter mobile applications, games, and iOS app development. For building intuitive applications that have a team of more than 800 enthusiastic employees. Their main clients are KFC, Pizza Hut, Adidas, IKEA, KPMG, etc. Following are some of the main features of Appinventiv: 

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Appinventiv2014New York, NY, US$50,000+$25 – $49 / hr250 – 999Specializes in Flutter mobile apps and games


Another well-known Flutter app development company is Cubix, whose main expertise is in mobile app development, games, and enterprise software development. For exceptional results and high-quality products, Cubix is the best option. They have experience of more than 12 years and have served multiple organizations and startups. Their main overview is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Cubix2008United States$25,000+$25 – $49 / hr50 – 250Expertise in mobile app development and enterprise software


Cleveroad is a well known Flutter app development company for developing secure and scalable applications. They have worked for multiple industries and are a trusted partner. Cleveroad specializes in native mobile app development, cloud solutions, microservices, etc. An overview of Cleveroad is given below:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Cleveroad2011Los Angeles, US$10,000+$25 – $49 / hr50 – 250Specializes in native mobile app development and cloud solutions

Flutter Agency

Flutter Agency is a customer-centric company that uses simple strategies to attract customers. They are known for creating a solid brand image and also increasing revenue. Flutter Agency delivers high-quality products according to customers demands. The overview of one of the best Flutter app development companies is as follows:

Company NameFounded InHeadquartersBudgetRate per HourNo. of EmployeesAdditional Information
Flutter Agency2018Crawfordville, FL, United States$5000+$25 – $49 / hr10 – 50Customer-centric company focused on brand image and revenue

Why Choose Leed Software as your Flutter App Development Company?

Leed Software Development is a well known company that has been providing services to their clients for a very long time. We have expertise in multiple fields, and Flutter app development is one of them. A team of skilled developers and designers is present, which can build intuitive and creative apps according to client needs. We have a track record of developing cross platform apps that work on both iOS and Android. 

If you want customized solutions that align with your business goals, Leed Software Development is the best option. Our developers are well known for understanding their client’s needs and delivering exceptional solutions. Along with this, our strong focus is testing so that no issue remains in your app. 


To conclude, Flutter is one of the most important platforms for building creative apps using a single codebase. Due to its popularity, many companies are focusing on providing services regarding Flutter app development. The most important and well known company is “Leed Software Development”. The main features like hot reload, expressive UI, native performance, etc. make it a well-known platform. So get ready to build intuitive apps and contact us today! 

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