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Ionic app development is a user interface toolkit compatible with multiple frameworks like Angular and Java that enables the creation of mobile applications compatible with both Apple and Google Play stores. Leed Software Development boasts experienced coders to meet any individual’s individual needs for creating their mobile app development projects.

Utilizing Ionic’s tools, we create applications for iOS, Android, and mobile-friendly web platforms. By employing well-known web technologies, libraries, and frameworks for application creation, Ionic facilitates efficient app development.

What is Ionic App Development? 

Ionic is an open source UI development kit that is used for cross-platform app development. With the iconic SDK, more than five million apps have been developed. Developers prefer the ionic framework because it provides excellent performance, long term API integration and max functionality. The framework was developed in the year 2013 and is one of the most popular frameworks for cross platform mobile app development.

Key Features

The latest version of Ionic 6 was released on December 13, 2021. Some of the main key features of the latest version of the Ionic framework are given below:

  • Easy Upgrade
  • Design Changes
  • Vue Routing
  • Platform Detection Customization
  • TypeScript Improvements
  • New and Revamped Components
  • Improved Performance and Tooling
  • Faster Release Cadence

How Does an Ionic App Development Company Work?

The basic development approach of how an ionic app development company works is given below:

Requirement Assessment

The first step is gathering the requirements, objectives and expectations from the client. Thorough research and planning is required in this phase. In this phase you evaluate your resources cost and decide a timeline. 


In this phase, the ionic app development company designers create a design for the product. A software design document (SDD) is created and also includes the development of a prototype model.  


In the development phase the design is implemented and the developers translate the design into source code. Developers use different tools and methodologies to develop high quality ionic apps. Different programming languages like JavaScript, React Native, Java, Angular etc, are used in ionic app development.


In this phase, different modules of the app are tested. This is done to make sure that there are no bugs or crashes in the app. It’s necessary to meet the quality standard discussed in the SRS document. Sometimes, testing is done in parallel with the development phase. 


Once the app has been tested by the QA team and is approved, it is deployed in the production environment. The app is available for users, and customer feedback is taken to improve the app. The product is basically delivered to the intended user. 

Maintenance & Support 

The ionic app development company also provides ongoing support and maintenance. Developers are also responsible for implementing changes if issues arise after deployment. More maintenance may be required in larger systems as compared to smaller systems.  

Ionic App Development Company Services

Following are some of the services provided by the ionic app development company:

  • Ionic App Development
  • Ionic Mobile Development Consultation
  • Ionic App Porting
  • Hybrid App Development 
  • Ionic Web Development
  • Ionic iOS Development
  • Ionic Cordova App Development
  • Ionic Widget Development
  • Agile software development
  • Ionic App Integration
  • Ionic App Migration
  • Ionic QA and Testing

Apps Built with Ionic

Some of the most popular apps built with Ionic are as follows:


Shipts is a delivery service provider which is owned by Target. It uses Ionic to create its customer facing application. This app helps people in over 260 cities and involves more than 500,000 shoppers.


Untappd has used the Ionic platform to build more than 4 million users of beer enthusiasts. With the help of their app, it’s easy for the users to share and rate what they are drinking. By using UI components like checklist and toggle, they have tried to provide a native feel. 

:86 400

:86 400 is a neobank that has used the Ionic platform to create iOS and Android mobile apps. Because of the Ionic platform, it’s easy to release updates and give new functionalities and features to their customers.

Why Choose the Ionic Platform?

Following are some of the reasons you need to choose an ionic platform:

  • Ionic is a single codebase platform; you don’t have to rewrite codes for different platforms. 
  • Common programming languages used in ionic applications are HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in which it’s easy to make changes.
  • It is easy to optimize UI/UX for different platforms, which results in a smoother experience. 
  • Apps developed on an Ionic framework work faster, smoother, and provide a user friendly experience. 
  • Ionic is a fast platform that allows rapid development of apps, and it is also supported by AngularJS. 

Advantages Of Ionic App Development

Some of the advantages of ionic app development are as follows:

  • Provides fully functional cross platform
  • Easy to learn, and it’s an open source framework
  • Premier Native ionic plugins
  • Easy testing and debugging
  • High speed and performance
  • Progressive Web Apps.
  • Touch optimized gestures
  • Intuitive UI/UX designs
  • Simple and functional designs
  • Powered by AngularJS
  • Native & Web Optimized Apps
  • Developing different widgets, screens, as well as splash icons is easy.
  • Integration with business apps is easy.

Disadvantages Of Ionic App Development

Some of the disadvantages of Ionic app development are explained below:

  • You need to learn Angular, React, or Vue.
  • For native features, limited debugging tools are present.
  • Builds can randomly crash without any proper reason.
  • Dependency on third-party plugins.
  • Native plugins can conflict with each other.
  • Additional maintenance may be required.

Why Should You Choose Leed Software Development? 

You need to choose Leed Software Development because we prioritize Agile Methodologies for a thorough understanding of your requirements. From the requirement gathering step to the deployment of your ionic app, we will effectively collaborate with you.

This helps in the smooth and efficient progress of the project. We also provide cost effective Ionic application development services by carefully examining your business needs.   

We use the perfect technology stack that aligns with your business needs. Our main focus is on providing an excellent user experience so that your search engine rankings can improve.

At Leed Software Development, we will help you in achieving your goals and objectives while following recent trends. We will provide effective solutions while staying within your budget, ultimately enhancing the success of your application.


To conclude, Ionic app development is an ideal solution for building dynamic mobile applications across various platforms. Thanks to a single codebase and support for deployment, developers can rapidly create applications renowned for their performance and flexibility. However, there may be challenges like learning additional frameworks or occasional plugin conflicts.

Leed Software Development stands as one of the premier ionic app development companies offering their clients wide ranging services. With their eye on trends and dedication toward client collaboration they will fulfill your requirements while staying within budget.

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