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iOT app development companies

The increasing demand of the internet of things is admirable and can be seen in every domain. Future is all about the internet of things and artificial intelligence. iOT development companies provide real-time visibility and intelligent insight for businesses using effective iOT development solutions. The iOT’s invasion of our daily lives is inevitable. 

Now the iOT applications are everywhere which includes fitness trackers, baby monitors, smart door locks etc. In this article we will discuss what an iOT mobile app is and why we need iOT app development companies for it. 

What is an iOT App?

An iOT app is software that integrates data and acts as a point of contact for users to access iOT. The iOT app provides the interface through which we can control and monitor smart devices. A mobile app is a connector between an iOT device and a mobile device that acts as a primary interface to manage daily tasks.  

What is the iOT App used for?

With only one app on your phone, you can access and operate iOT systems. Billions of people across the world are using mobile phones and also utilizing the internet of things. Let’s discuss the most important applications of iOT in everyday life. 

  • Healthcare: The Internet of Things provides an efficient link between doctors, patients, and pharmaceuticals. 
  • Agriculture: Revolution in agriculture is really important as the population is increasing massively.
  • Supply chain management: Supply chain management is highly affected by the pandemic, and iOT has become a center of interest for businesses.  
  • Installing smart grids: Smart grids are a system in which suitable sensors are installed in energy meters, production plants, and distribution points. 
  • Wearable technology: The use of iOT in wearable technology includes smartwatches, fitness trackers, and eye smart wears. 
  • Building smart cities: iOT is making cities smarter by using sensors, cellular, or wireless technology such as lamp posts and antennae. 
  • Smarter homes: The most visible application of iOT is a smart home. A smart home uses sensors to Control lightning, temperature, Security systems

iOT App Development Process

An iOT application development process utilizes hardware, software, and network resources efficiently to craft an interconnected solution that doesn’t require any support. This is why many businesses opt to hire iOT app development companies. A combination of hardware and software technologies, including communication protocols, cloud services, databases, backend, frontend, and machine learning technologies, are needed. 

Steps to develop an iOT app

Following are the steps followed by iOT app development companies in the process of iOT app development.

Define Requirements to Develop an iOT App

Defining the requirement for an iOT app includes determining the application’s Objective, Target users, Specific features. One should know if it is developing for Home automation, Industrial control or Medical monitoring. However, the next step will be to determine the target consumers. 

Choose the finest iOT platform.

You must choose the finest iOT platform based on the needs of your project and the number of devices. Your development process will be less expensive and result in the success of your iOT project if you use the proper platform. 

You may speed the development process, cut costs, and ensure the success of your iOT project by choosing the correct iOT platform. Some of the most well-tested iOT platforms for mobile app development are Azure iOT Suite, HomeKit, The Android Things, Ubidots etc.

Obtain Necessary Hardware Components.

The selection of suitable sensors and other hardware components is based on the use and standards required to construct an iOT app or project. Following the selection of hardware components compatible with the iOT platform, testing and verification of hardware components are required.

Choose a network protocol.

A network protocol plays an important role in the development process, so  select a suitable protocol. A network protocol must have good range, bandwidth, power consumption, and security. Among the most well-known network technologies, the main are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and LoRaWAN etc

Connect the Hardware and Software together.

Select suitable programming languages like Python, Java, and C++. Connect hardware and software components to ensure that the system is functioning properly and communicating efficiently. Hardware devices will collect data during the iOT app development process. However, data processing and analysis will be handled by software devices.


After QA testing and resolving issues raised, the next step is the launch of your app on a public platform. Try to analyze customer feedback and maintain or improve the app. Keep scaling up and updating your app after launching. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the iOT app 

Let’s discuss some important advantages and disadvantages of iOT app development:

Advantages Disadvantages
The iOT app saves time and reduces human effort. Workers are at high risk of losing their jobs as they are replacing humans. 
Enhances security and helps in the control of smart homes and cities via mobile phones. Personal data may be stolen by hackers, and gathering information can be misused.  
Collection of information and updates, even if we are far from the actual location. iOT apps run mostly on the internet; without the internet, apps are not functional.
Electronic devices are interconnected with apps, which results in efficient electricity use. The iOT app system is complex, so there are chances of failure. 
Patients can be checked by the doctors without visiting them.Humans physical activity reduces due to which humans become lazy by relying on technology. 
If there is a bug in the system, the connected system may also get corrupted. It’s challenging to plan, build, and enable a broad technology for the iOT platform. 
Plays a very good role in utilizing data for many business concerns and is cost effective.Deployment of the iOT app is costly

Best iOT App Development Companies

Here are some top iOT app development companies that are known for their expertise in developing, designing, and deploying.

Leed Software Development

Leed is one of the best iOT app development companies that is providing exceptional services. With their experienced developers and expert designers they will cater to your needs. Their developers will surely exceed your expectations and will provide you with responsive and scalable apps.

Company nameFounded in BudgetRate per hourHeadquartersNo of employees Additional information 
Leed2020$30000-$50000$30-$50Canada, Germany, Pakistan  50-100Develops scalable and responsive apps

OTS Solutions

OTS Solutions, headquartered in Allen, Texas, is a leading provider of digital solutions consulting and services. OTS provides value to its customers through innovation, knowledge, and expertise by leveraging deep domain knowledge and an expert workforce pool.

Company nameFounded in BudgetRate per hourHeadquartersNo of employees Additional information 
OTS solutions 2002$25000-$50000$26-$50USA, India51-250Company focuses on Artificial intelligence.


Olearis is a successful partner in software engineering and business. The main areas of Olearis expertise are leadership in engineering, advising on complex architecture solutions, product ownership, and streamlining development processes. 

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquartersNo of employeesAdditional information
Olearis2013$25-$49$25,000-$ 50,000United States 10-49Experts in web, backend and windows/MAC desktop applications.


Webskitters is the National Award Winning Agency in Clutch, providing web design, web development, AI, game development, and digital marketing services. Webskitters has won more than 15 global awards for its performance. 

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquartersNo of employees Additional information
Webskitters2010$25-$49$10000-$49000United Kingdom, India250-999Clutch Global Award winning and No. 1 Upwork Agency


Apptunix is often known as a premier mobile app development company that has developed over 200 mobile apps. The highly expert team at Apptunix is ensuring the satisfactory completion of projects on time. 

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudget HeadquartersNo of employeesAdditional information
Apptunix2013$25Less than $5000USA, India51-250IOS, Android, and app development

Matellio Inc

Matellio is a leader in provision of cutting edge iOT app development services. Matellio Inc empowers businesses by harnessing the power of the internet of things. Matellio has well experienced developers to create solutions that span industries, smart homes, industrial automation to healthcare, and agriculture. 

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquarters No of employeesAdditional Information
Matellio Inc2014$26-$50$10001-$25000USA51-250Wearable app development, Artificial intelligence


Appinventiv is an award winning organization with more than 1000 tech experts, engineers, and professionals. Appinventiv is providing technologies such as block chain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things.

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquarterNo of employees Additional information
Appinventiv2015Upto $25$10001-$25000USA, India, France, UK, Australia, 1000+Fortune 500 companies, Delivers 1000+ projects


Innovatily with its experienced developers transforming thoughts into imaginative products. With the latest technologies, innovatily helps startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals drive business.

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquartersNo of employeesAdditional information
Innovatily2012$26-$50Less than $5000India51-250iOT app development projects, software development

Skill Tech Inc

Skill Tech Inc is helping clients by providing web development for Android/IOS, web applications. To improve online traffic, it helps to publish your own website or redesign it to a modern level. 

Company nameFounded inRate per hourBudgetHeadquartersNo of employeesAdditional information 
Skill Tech Inc2020$40 $1000Pakistan Under 49137 finished projects, 27 awards won

CMARIX TechnoLabs

CMARIX is a renowned technology outsourcing company specializing in website, enterprise software, and mobile app development. CMARIX works with clients in 46 countries with a team of 120+ in-house professionals. They are outsourcing simplification pioneers with a very creative work culture.

Company nameFounded in Rate per hourBudgetHeadquartersNo of employeesAdditional information 
CMARIX TechnoLabs2009Upto $25Less than $5000 USA, India, and Germany51-2503 levels of code review, 1100+ web application development

Why To Choose Leed Software Development?

Leed Software Development Company is one of the best options for iOT app development companies. Leed Software Development Company has been providing services to their customers for a long time and has expertise in multiple fields. A team of skilled developers and designers is here to build intuitive and creative apps according to client needs. We have experience designing cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android.

Leed Software Development is the ideal alternative if you want bespoke solutions that correspond with your business goals. In Leed, developers listen to their clients’ demands and provide excellent solutions to technical problems. Furthermore, Leed places a high priority on testing to ensure that your software does not have bugs.


iOT mobile app development companies play a critical role in modernizing the digital world. With the expansion of iOT devices across numerous industries, these firms offer expertise required to develop effective applications. iOT applications range from healthcare to agriculture to supply chain management to smart cities and the industrial revolution.

Choosing the proper iOT app development company is critical for project success. Several trustworthy iOT app development companies, such as Leed Software Development Company, are prepared to meet the demands of iOT development. They have knowledge of software, hardware, and network integration.

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