Top 10 React Native App development Companies 

React Native App development Companies

React native is an open-source javascript framework for building apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and other operating systems. It enables the development of genuinely native apps without compromising users’ experiences. This makes React native an ideal platform for cross-platform app development using a single codebase.

React Native allows developers to use reusable code, which saves development time. A list of different React native app development companies is given in this article. If you want to build an app using the React framework, Leed Software Development is the best option.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework developed by Facebook to build user interfaces using React, its JavaScript library for user interface development. Applications written with React Native use JavaScript and an XML-like markup known as JSX to maintain the high-performance capabilities of applications written with it. React Native is now supported by Microsoft but remains identical to React; its only distinction is that React Native does not manipulate DOM elements directly.

Top 10 Best React Native App Development Companies

The top 10 Best React Native App Development Companies are as follows:

Sloboda Studio

Sloboda Studio is a European company that comprises expert developers, QA specialists, and venture administrators. The company was established in 2010 and has developed more than 200 projects for its clients. They have raised more than $100M+ from their clients. It is one of the leading React Native App Development Company.

Name  Services ClientsFounded YearAnnual Revenue 
Sloboda StudioServices include Website Redesign, UI/UX, Backend & Frontend Development, & Quality Assurance.Creyos, Veeqo, CityFALCON, Artur’​In and Salita etc2010Annually $100M+

STX Next

STX Next is a well-known React Native App Development Company that provides custom web services to its clients. Their expert frontend and backend developers can help you build the react project according to your needs. The company was established in 2015 and has completed multiple tasks.

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year
STX NextServices include .NET and Android app development, financial apps, and more.Pinnacle Power, Granicus,, Brief Media, Wunderman, Thompson300+2015


TechMagic is a company from Lviv, Ukraine, that helps new businesses and big companies by building teams. The company was established in 2014 and has worked with many well-known companies. They have more than 120 workers, and the company is progressing rapidly. Tech Magic also became a Certified AWS Consulting Partner in 2017. 

Company Services Clients Founded YearTotal Clients
Services offered Cloud, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Data Engineering, and Test Automation.Wendy, Bamboo, Elements Cloud, Good &Co, Etergo and Coin360 etc2005120+

Agile Engine

Agile Engine is a private organization that provides web and app development services. The two main niche products of Agile Engine are AjaxSwing and Screenster. It is also one of the leading React Native App Development Companies, which develops products according to the demand of users. 

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year
Agile EngineFrontend development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development, Data Studio, Design Studio Transvoyant, Delivery Hero, Groupon, The Medical Team, Funny or Die, Frichtie and Kantox100+2010


Boldare is a well-known company that came into existence after the emergence of two leading companies, XSolve and Chilid. XSolve was a software development company, whereas Chilid was a web design agency. They have developed over 250+ products and are a well-known React Native App Development Company.  

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year
Offer a range of services, including Product Design, CTO advisory, UX/UI design, and more.BlablaCar, Bosh, UNDP, Maxeon, Prisma, Takamol, Lamden130+2005


Confiz is a leading global technology consulting firm providing innovative solutions and services across various industries. The company was founded in 2005 and has delivered multiple successful projects to its clients. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, Confiz is dedicated to providing tailored and impactful digital transformations for businesses worldwide.

Company Services Clients Total Team Members Founded Year
Data & AI, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps, UI/UXMacys, Hush Puppies, Sapphire, SJS International, and Bani Yas Coop etc600+2005


Sidebench is a custom software development company that is based in Los Angeles. They are experts in building innovative software apps within a specific budget. Sidebench provides services ranging from design services to healthcare and much more. 

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year

Main services include Product Design, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, User Research, System Integration, and HIPAA Compliant Security.Imagine Entertainment, Red Bull, NBCUniversal, Oakley, Horowitz, Facebook and LA DCFS100+2012


ManekTech is a software development company that has developed the most recent advancements. They provide services to different services, including Real Estate, Hospitals, Travel and Tourism, Oil and Natural Gas, Transport, etc.

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year

Custom programming advancement, Mobile App Development, SharePoint, ASP.Net,, PHP, and Web Application DevelopmentNestle, NYSE, Kotak, National Geographic, Sales Force and Nestle etc 500+2011


PureLogic is a software company operating in Pakistan, headquartered in New York. They have provided services since 2006 and have dealt with more than 1000 clients. They have developed world-class web apps for different companies. It is also a leading React Native App Development Company with over 13 years of experience.

CompanyServices Clients Total ClientsFounded Year

Web applications, LAMP, MEAN, Android, iOS, Amazon Web Services.Web Development, Mobile App Development, AI/ML, Product Design, Quality Assurance, Salesforce Development Services, Shopify Development Services100+2006


Merixstudio is a digital software company who have customers all around the globe. They deliver good quality web-based and cross-platform apps. Merixstudio has more than 120+ specialists that can develop apps according to your needs.

Company Services Clients Total ClientsFounded Year

Offer services such as web app development, mobile app development, software consulting, product design, software modernization, and machine learning and AI.Rosalyn, Biocore, Moneyfarm, Six Flags, Boston Solar, Treasure Earth200+1999

Benefits of React Native App

Until now, we have discussed the top React Native App Development Companies. The next thing is to discuss the benefits of React Native App. The following are the main benefits of React Native App:

  • Easy to develop complex mobile applications
  • React native is an open source framework that comes under the MIT License.
  • Another benefit of React Native is the Hot reloading feature, which allows developers to see the changes they make in the code.
  • Developers don’t have to write different codes for iOS and Android platforms.
  • It is also cheaper as compared to Native Development
  • The framework is also easy to adapt and has a powerful user interface.
  • React Native also has third-party Library Support.


To conclude, React Native enables businesses to build dynamic and efficient cross-platform applications quickly. Different React Native app development companies, such as Sloboda Studio, STX Next, and Confiz, provide other services to their customers. With simplified coding, real-time changes, and cost-effective solutions, React Native is swiftly becoming a go-to choice for companies. 

Its open-source nature, combined with robust third-party library support, has significantly reduced development time and costs. Embracing the power of React Native opens up a realm of possibilities for businesses seeking scalable and high-performance applications. As the demand for innovative and user-friendly apps continues to soar, React Native is a steadfast solution, propelling businesses toward a future of seamless digital experiences.

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