Top 6 Free Database Software in 2023 (Features, Pros, Cons)

Top 6 Free database Software

Do you know what free database software is? In this era of technology, we have to deal with a massive amount of data whether it’s an image in numbers or text. You must have heard the word database management tools or database softwares. 

Just imagine a world without a data management system. There would be no proper way to store information and it would be a hassle to look into anything. Right? However, we do live where powerful database management systems are present. High scalability softwares are  necessary to protect your data from prying eyes. 

What is Free Database Software?

Database softwares has been in use for quite a long time in this technological era. Now we need them like never before. A database is an organized collection of related data and database software is responsible for managing the database. Database software is an electronic method to organize and manage our data. These softwares are responsible for improving the quality of data. Do you know when the first database software was invented? Well it was invented in the 1960s by IBM for a project of the Apollo space program. It was named as Information Management System and was used to store and manage large amounts of data.

Types Of Database Management System

A Database Management System (DBMS) is responsible for efficiently managing the data making your business efficient in an organized and accessible way. Some of the types of database solution are:

Hierarchical Database 

The Hierarchical Database is in the form of a tree. The relationships between the records are pre defined and are in the manner of parent and child. Data is transferred in a hierarchical manner. The user needs to pass the Hierarchical for accessing the data. This type of system is used in managing strict hierarchies like where you have to manage employee records. But due to limitations, this type of DBMS can only be used in specific cases. 

Relational Database

In the Relational Database, data is stored in table rows or column forms. These types of databases were developed in the 1970s and use the software query language. These types of databases are more flexible and are used for the CRUD operations. CRUD stands for creating, reading, updating and for the deletion of data. In relational database tables can be joined together by fields which are commonly known as foreign keys.

Network Database

A network database is the one that is similar to the Hierarchical Database. Data is also in the form of a hierarchy and parent and child relationships. But the main difference between the two is that network databases consist of multiple relationships. This means that a child can have more than one parent. These types of databases are mostly used in insurance, banking, etc. 

Object Oriented Database

In an Object Oriented Database, data is stored in the form of objects. It follows the object oriented data model and is used to manage complex relationships and data structures. These types of databases are commonly used in traditional databases because they require specialized skills. This is why they are not applicable for every type of application. Some of the examples are db4o, ObjectStore, and GemStone/S.

Why Should You Use A DBMS?

DBMS are crucial if you are running a business. Customer database software for small business or large business helps manage your work efficiently. Let say you want to know about the customer details, the sales you are making, information regarding the inventory. It could be anything. Running a business isn’t easy. You have to manage a lot of things. Although excel sheets or google docs is an option and you might think about it. But don’t you think it will be a lot of hassle? Why not use a proper DBMS or project management software for database applications? It will be easy to manage and security will also not be an issue.

Top Free Database Software

After knowing what database softwares is, the next question is which are the best free database softwares are. Given below is the list of some of the best Database Softwares.


ClickUp is one of the most popular database software that is used for managing large amounts of data. This database is used to manage workflow, projects and tasks. You can easily manage your data using this tool. ClickUp is used by many organizations ranging from large to small corporations. The database is customizable, meaning that you can organize your workflow according to your own needs. Another advantage of the ClickUp database is that it is available on multiple platforms. 

Key Features of ClickUp

Some of the main key features of ClickUp Database are as follows:

  • Helps easily manage your data and organize it into workflow or projects
  • Can create different types of documents that can be organized in a table or column view.
  • Easy to export data.
  • Users can customize their workflow. 
  • Easy to manage your resources and can users can easily track their project using Gantt Chart
  • It is easily accessible and can be used on mobile devices, desktop and multiple platforms.

Advantages of ClickUp 

Some of the main advantages of ClickUp Database are as follows:

  • Easy to communicate with other team members
  • Users can easily manage, tasks, and goals in Clickup
  • Meetings and upcoming work can easily be scheduled. 
  • Consists of Integration tools


Databases should be able to work on multiple operating systems and must be versatile. InterBase database is one of the softwares that works efficiently and is able to operate on multiple platforms. It has an encrypted system that makes it easy for the user to use and can be accessed from anywhere. The software is best suited for applications that require higher reliability and availability.

Key Features of InterBase 

Some of the main key features of interbase software are as follows:

  • It is lightweight.
  • Functional on multiple operating systems
  • Live backups are also available in InterBase
  • InterBase is a high performance database
  • Has a tight security system, contains separate login for security
  • No maintenance is required

Advantages of InterBase 

Some of the main advantages of interbase software are as follows:

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Highly Reliable
  • Can be easily integrated with other softwares
  • Higher Scalability

SQL server

SQL server is a free database software that has been in use for quite a recent time. The database also supports ANSI SQL. It uses the Structures Query language to manipulate data. The SQL software has some unique features and design that makes it a great open source database development tool. It is used for highly scalable apps and also supports data warehousing applications. The database helps the user to easily customize the data according to the preference.

Key Features of Microsoft SQL Server

Some of the main key features of Microsoft SQL Server Database are as follows:

  • Highly accessible and protected software. It includes different features that help the user easily manage their database.
  • Can be integrated with other Microsoft products that includes Excel, Sharepoint etc.
  • Uses SQL to manage and manipulate data to meet the needs of the user.
  • The softwares helps to easily store, manage and retrieve data.

Advantages of Microsoft SQL server 

Some of the main advantages of Microsoft SQL Server Database are as follows:

  • Easy development 
  • Has strong transactional support
  • Provides robust security features
  • Has own version of SQL language known as T-SQL 
  • Can handle large volumes of data efficiently 

Mysql Postgresql

Postgresql is an object relational database that offers more sophisticated data as compared to Mysql. Mysql is a pure relational base. The basic purpose is to store and manage data. Postgresql is a database that also uses SQL language but with the availability of more features. It was originally known as Postgres. However the project was renamed to Mysql Postgresql in 1996.

Key Features of Mysql Postgresql

Some of the main key features of Mysql Postgresql Database are as follows:

  • Comprises advanced features that can support complex types of data.
  • High Scalability
  • Can be integrated with other platforms easily
  • High Reliability 

Advantages of Mysql Postgresql

Some of the main advantages of Mysql Postgresql Database are as follows:

  • Is responsible for managing high scale data management 
  • Ensures data consistency
  • Consists of large community of developers
  • Can support for stored procedures and user-defined functions


If you want DBMS that lets you manage data across tables then you should use Airtable. It is a type of cloud based database that allows flexibility and is user friendly. You can easily create, share and collaborate on customizable databases with Airtable. It allows the users to even track customers data and enables them to create a CRM solution. You can say that it is similar to a spreadsheet but with advanced and customizable features.  

Key Features of Airtable

Some of the main key features of Mysql Postgresql Database are as follows:

  • Can preview data in Kanban and Calendar view which allows the user to view data from different angles
  • Consists of different collaborating tools for users ease
  • Can be integrated with other third party tools.
  • Dashboard consists of custom reporting options
  • Helps store all of projects and tasks information

Advantages of Airtable

Some of the main advantages of Airtable Database are as follows:

  • Has a user friendly design. Helps the user easily manage and create data
  • Consists of automation tools that save your time.
  • Allows integration with other tools like Slack, Google Calendar
  • Has affordable pricing 
  • Flexible tool, users can modify the tool according to their needs

Factors To Consider While Choosing Database 

Some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing a free database software are:

  • Try to choose a software that is not that complex and easy to use. But do consider that the features you need are present.
  • The database software should be highly secured and protected from unauthorized access. 
  • Pricing should be affordable. Choose a software that is in your range but does have the necessary features.
  • Your software should be able to integrate with third party tools and applications.


To conclude, a free database software can help you efficiently manage your data. The software will efficiently manage your clients data to the inventory information so you don’t have to worry about it. Whatever information you need to know you can easily access it through the database. However, in the end you need to ponder upon your requirements and then make the final decision. Although there are many softwares that you can choose from, but it mainly depends on your needs and requirements.

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