What is Aptitude Tests || Why they are Important?

What is Aptitude tests

What is Aptitude Tests?

Modern organizations, when hiring new employees, need a criterion of judgement before the interviews. That can determine the potential skill set of the candidates. This criterion helps them in weeding out the rotten apples of the industry and saving time. Only interviewing those who are eligible on the level of their competence. Using a series of assessments known as Aptitude tests, that aim to estimate the worth of each candidate up for the job. Even sometimes to refresh the technical aptitude of the current employees, can help the company in outgrowing its competitors.

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There are different types of Aptitude tests specific to each job role but mostly they are focused on assessing the core technical knowledge. A few types of aptitude tests are as follows:


Using graphics, statistical data and charts companies aim to identify how well a candidate can interpret and process this data.


Understanding and comprehending written information on paper or on screens is a necessity for every organization. Verbal tests help the company in selecting the candidates that will be effective in delivering as well as receiving written communication.


These types of tests help the hiring managers in choosing the employees that can correctly follow, identify and process trends in data. Trends help the companies in evolving and thus employees that can interpret and label these trends can be beneficial in every position.


Applying logic to basic problems and working with limited information are the highlighting features of a great employee. Using these tests, companies can select those employees who are quick on their feet and will get the task done no matter what.


There comes a time in every employee’s life where they have to do something they are unfamiliar with. By solving problems with irregular or mistimed information, employees gain a superior skill of problem solving. This characteristic can benefit every company and Inductive reasoning helps them in identifying these skills.

Companies that are driven towards innovation and growth rather than just following preset rules need employees. That can help them evolve in the market. During the recruitment process, it is important for companies to select only those who have the technical aptitude tests rather than those who simply follow rules to a fault. Assessing each core skill of the employee can identify those who will eventually become a valuable asset to the company. There are several tests available online for candidates to practice. These help in developing cognitive and perceptive skills that will eventually be beneficial when the hiring process begins.


Leed Software Development in Canada is keen on developing a web platform for companies that need to add aptitude tests to their recruitment process. The application will not only measure the candidate’s technical ability but also store it and relay it to the employers for analysis. The platform is being developed as the first of its kind for an international organization but can be adapted to your specific needs.

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