Top 8 Real Estate Agent Apps to use in 2023

Real Estate Agent App

Are you tired of not finding your dream home? Want to buy or sell a home but feel overwhelmed by the process? Look no further! These top real estate agent apps will help make your journey a breeze. With access to the latest market trends and expert real estate agents, you’ll be able to find your perfect home in no time. So why wait? Download these apps today and start your journey to your dream home.

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Why Use Real Estate Apps?

Looking for a home to buy or sell? all know it’s not easy. We have so many things we have to do in a day. We have to look for new clients, keep the landlord happy, and do the paperwork, inventory, and the associated things. But downloading these apps will save you from all the hassle.

These apps will not only simplify your business but also give you your time back. Not to forget, it will save you money! And in the meantime, you can look forward to expanding your business and generating more revenue. 

What to look for in apps for real estate agents?

Let’s look for certain features that will help you achieve your real estate goals. Here are some of the key factors to consider. 

  • User Profile 

Each user should have a profile that distinguishes them from other users. The user should be able to receive and send messages with the app.

  • User-Friendly Interface 

Choose an app that is easy to understand and navigate. So you can quickly find the information you need.

  • Push notifications

Try to choose an app that ensures the most relevant updates and messages appear instantly as notifications. You should be able to get the relevant news on your device.

  • Listing Options

An app that offers a variety of listings, including homes for sale, rental, and commercial properties, will be best suited for you. This will give you many options, and you can make an informed decision.

  • Personalization Options 

Try to consider an app that allows you to save your favorite listings. This will help you to set up alerts for new properties. You will also be able to customize your search preferences.

  • Communication Tools 

Look for an app that easily schedules meetings and sends messages to real estate agents. You should also be able to receive updates on your home search.

  • Security 

Make sure the app you choose uses secure data protection. This will help you protect your personal information and financial details.

  • Accurate Updated information

Look for an app that offers real-time updates. Access to the latest listings and market trends should also be available.

  • Expert Support 

An app that offers expert real estate agents support is the best. In this way, you will be able to get valuable advice and guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

What apps do real estate agents use?

Why settle for an average real estate app when you can have the best? Go through these top 10 real estate agent apps today. With our help, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the real estate market. You will be able to find the perfect property for you in a very short time. Some of the apps are:

Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is specifically designed for real estate professionals. You can utilize different property data, market insights, and other real estate-related tools. Some key features of RPR include:

  • Features
  • You can get Interactive maps and market insights.
  • Customizable reports feature
  • Different Collaboration tool
  • Allow integration with other real estate platforms:


  • Limited to real estate professionals.
  • Expensive to subscribe to the platform.
  • Depends on the accuracy and completeness of these other platforms


Calendly is an appointment and scheduling booking software. It allows individuals and businesses to schedule appointments with customers, clients, and colleagues with ease.

Calendly has a user-friendly interface. Users can also customize their availability and set appointments according to their availability. Some key features include:

  • Features
  • Automated Appointment Scheduling
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Time zone detection features
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Customizable event types and availability
  • Custom branding and customization options
  • Email and calendar integrations
  • Ability to set up multiple users and event types


  • Has a limited free version
  • Limited Customization Options
  • Needs an internet connection


Dotloop is a cloud-based transaction management platform that helps agents and their clients streamline the buying and selling process. Some of the key features of Dotloop are:

  • Features
  • Users can sign and complete documents electronically.
  • Allows collaboration of multiple parties to work on the same document simultaneously.
  • Securely stores all transaction-related documents in one place.
  • Helps in workflow management
  • Provides insights to help agents and brokers improve their processes.
  • Cons
  • The platform can be complex for new users. You may require some time to get used to it.
  • A stable internet connection is required
  • The paid platform could be expensive for users on a tight budget
  • Limited customization features

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is a Real Estate Agent App. It helps agents promote their listings. Real Estate agents can connect with potential buyers and sellers. It consists of a comprehensive CRM in which you can import leads from various sources. Some key features of Zillow Premier Agent are:


  • Consists of a customizable profile page that displays the agent’s listings, reviews, and contact information.
  • Lead Generation is possible through various channels, including email, text, and phone.
  • Agents can enhance their listings by making them more prominent on Zillow’s website. This increases the chances of attracting potential buyers.
  • Provides different tools to manage leads, including lead prioritization, lead tracking, and lead nurturing.
  • Free service to use


  • Used by many real estate agents. This increases competition for leads.
  • Limited Control over the way listings are displayed on Zillow’s website. They might not be able to fully customize their profiles.

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a cloud-based CRM software designed for real estate professionals. It has been in use for more than 20 years. You can easily nurture leads and can track your client’s conversations as well. Here are some key features of the app:


  • Client information can be easily stored and managed in one place.
  • Users can easily track and manage leads from start to finish.
  • Tracking tasks can be set, which helps agents to stay on top of their to-do lists. 
  • Automates marketing activities. Sends email campaigns to help agents and brokers save time.
  • Provides useful insights to help agents and brokers measure their performance. This helps to make informed decisions.
  • Helps to increase efficiency. 


  • Complex platform to use
  • Stable internet connectivity is required
  • Limited customization
  • The cost could be a barrier for some users.


PropertyBase is a real estate platform that combines CRM and marketing automation capabilities in one system. It contains a range of features that help agents and brokers manage their clients and lead more effectively. Key features of PropertyBase include:


  • Users can easily manage their information in one place.
  • Helps users track and manage leads.
  • Marketing automation features are available. 
  • Users can create and manage custom websites, property portals, and listings.
  • Provides data-driven insights to users.


  • Could be complex for some users.
  • Dependency on internet
  • Paid platform
  • Limited customization features


MagicPlan is a mobile app that allows users to create floor plans by taking pictures of a room with their smartphone or tablet. This helps the client visualize themselves living at home. Users can show the buyers high-quality images and an organized list of renovations for any property. Here are some key features, pros, and cons of MagicPlan:


  • Allows the user to create floor plans by taking pictures of a room and tracing over the images to create an accurate plan.
  • Another useful feature is that the app can automatically extract room dimensions. You can easily create precise floor plans.
  • MagicPlan App can generate 3D models of floor plans. This helps the user visualize their spaces in a more engaging and interactive way.
  • Users can also share floor plans that can be shared with others. You can also export a variety of file formats for use in other applications.


  • MagicPlan is designed to be user-friendly. But all the advanced features that more professional floor plan creation software offers might not be present in MagicPlan.
  • Specifically designed for floor plan creation. It’s not suitable for other types of design or architectural projects.
  • The accuracy of the floor plans is dependent on the quality of the augmented reality technology. The technology might not be suitable for all types of spaces or environments.


Connecteam is a cloud-based employee management platform. It helps the users to streamline their internal communication, scheduling, and task management processes. It’s one of the most commonly used real estate apps for agents. Here are some of the key features of Connecteam:


  • Allows users to track the time they spend on specific tasks.
  • Managers can create and manage schedules for their teams.
  • Task assignment and progress tracking are possible.
  •  Generates data-driven insights to help make informed decisions.
  • Improves productivity and efficiency 
  • Has a user-friendly interface.


  • Connecteam requires a stable internet connection to work.
  • Some users might find that the platform does not offer enough customization options to meet their specific needs.
  • It’s a paid platform. The cost could be an issue
  • Integrating Connecteam with other systems may be challenging for some users.


Real Estate Agent Apps have become an essential tool for agents to manage their daily activities and stay organized. A range of features is present in these apps. With the ability to access information, track leads, and automate repetitive tasks, agents can focus on what they do best, Serving their clients. But however, it’s important to choose the right app that meets your specific needs. Not all apps offer the same features or level of customization you need. Ultimately, the right app can be a game-changer for agents and brokers looking to increase their efficiency and productivity in their work. A well-chosen app can be the key to unlocking your full potential and helping you achieve your goals.

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