Build Real Estate Property Listing App Using Laravel (2023)

Property Listing App Using Laravel

Property listing app using Laravel is designed in a way so that the buys and sellers can easily contact each other. The property listing app consists of large amount of data with thousands of properties listed. Goal is to provide a convenient and efficient way for the individuals to access property information. 

Multiple frameworks like React, Note.js are present for building property listing apps but we would suggest you Laravel. One of the mostly used languages that has more than 70,000 stars on GitHub. It was first released in 2011 but gained popularity in 2012 with Laravel 3. For building modern PHP web applications Laravel provides devlopers with best tools and resources. 

Laravel consists of database tools that includes ORM known as Eloquent. Consist of Command line tool Artisan with which developers can bootstrap new models, controllers and other app components.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that Taylor Otwell created. The framework has refined syntax and extensive functionality, which is intended for the development of web applications. The framework is also easy to understand and follows a model-view-controller design. Laravel uses existing components of different frameworks for creating web applications. Websites built using Laravel are secure and can also prevent several web attacks.


Creating a property listing app Laravel, provides several advantages. Some of the advantages of using Laravel are as follows:

  • Allows rapid development of websites as it has a comprehensive set of tools and libraries.
  • Built-in security features for protection against SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. 
  • Laravel allows scalable applications; as the property listing app Laravel grows, it’s easier to scale up the infrastructure. 
  • To organize and manage resources, Laravel provides namespaces and interfaces.

What Are Property Listing Apps?

Property listing app Laravel allows people to look for homes to buy or rent and where others can post their properties for sale or rent. To make Property listing apps, Laravel is the best language that helps build websites easily. These property listing apps are gaining popularity as they serve the requirements of buyers and sellers of real estate. This is done by combining Laravel’s features with a property listing app. 

Users can search and list properties for rent or sale by developing a property listing app. With property listing apps, it is easy for buyers, sellers, landlords, or investors to find each other. In short, it’s easy for you to list your rental property.

How To Build Property Listing App Using Laravel?

Several steps are involved in building a Property Listing App Laravel. To simplify the process, a brief detail is given below:

Setting the Development Environment 

The first step is to set the development environment; you can install Laravel using the Composer. After installing the application, the configuration of the database is important. User authentication also needs to be set up to guarantee the security and safety of the application’s functionality.

Database Schema

Now, you need to create a well organized database system for your Property listing app Laravel. The purpose of the database schema is to store user information and information regarding the properties. For this purpose, you need to establish links between properties and vendors. This is done by defining the relationships between tables.

Development Of Front End 

The next step is to create a user-friendly interface highlighting the community state property list. Users will be able to know all the available real estate properties near them. Development of the dashboard is necessary for individualized experiences. Also, for property management, rental listing pagination is the best option.

Property Listing Functionalities 

Implementing the Property listing app Laravel functionalities is necessary. Give access to the users to post their properties and allow them to make changes to those rental property listings. Also, remove the properties from the website that have been rented or sold out. The main goal of your app should be to help your users locate the best home. The use of new powerful features is necessary to help your customers.

Image & Video Uploads

Adding visual effects to the property listing app Laravel makes it user friendly. Adding photos and videos of your home makes the app more attractive and appealing. The best option is to use cloud-based services for storing and displaying photos in the app.

Increasing User Experience 

Building trust among users is very necessary for increasing ratings or reviews. Save searches so that the user can easily return to previously saved listings. This makes it easy for the buyers or sellers to contact each other.

Testing & Debugging

Testing the property listing app Laravel can point out if there are any bugs in the app. Fixing these issues is critical before the app goes live. Run unit or functionality tests on your Laravel app to find and fix bugs. Prioritize users’ security; there should be no issues regarding the leakage of users’ information.


The last step of the Property listing app Laravel is the deployment of the app. For this purpose, select a reliable host and then release it to the public. Also, make sure your app is easily available for the users and adjust the set to the appropriate production settings.

Best Property Listing App Build With Laravel 

There are many Property listing apps that are built with Laravel, but in this article, we will discuss the following two:

Find Home: Real Estate Laravel Project

This is a simple website that is based on Laravel, which helps to manage real estate businesses ranging from small to medium scale. The website is basically a PHP based framework that follows the Model-VIew-Control (MVC) architectural pattern. The main purpose of this project is to help developers build their skills along with giving them basic knowledge of Laravel. Users can learn more about the MVC model as well as how to implement it in the projects.

Core Features 

Core features of this Property listing app Laravel, Find Home are as follows:

  • Properties are posted along with their categories 
  • Users also have access to general profile settings, which includes changing password or messaging, etc. 
  • Provides the gallery features of properties as well.
  • The agents can use the CRUD operations in properties as well as have access to the general profile settings feature. 

Hously: Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System

Hously is a property listing app Laravel, that is built with the help of Tailwind CSS framework. Users can customize every section of the script according to their needs. Along with this, the best feature is that the app is supported on all modern or old browsers. In short, basically, it’s a well organized script that is designed to fit the needs of Real Estate Businesses.

Core Features

Core features of Hously: Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System are as follows:

  • Supports Dark and Light Theme as well as LTR & RTL Themes.
  • Complete solution for all types of real estate property agencies
  • Has a support center that includes a Documentation and Ticket system for the questions you want answered.

Where to List Rental Property?

The best place to list rental property depends on various factors, including the target audience, location, and budget. Here are some popular options:

Online Rental Listing Websites 
ZillowWidely used platform for listing rental properties offers user friendly interface for attracting the audience.
Apartments.comSpecializes in apartment listings and is best for multiple units or apartment complexes.
TruliaOwned by Zillow Group, known for comprehensive property listings, including rentals.

Real Estate Websites
Realtor.comTrusted source for real estate listings, posting here can reach a wider audience.
RedfinKnown for providing rental listings with extensive property details.
Specialized Rental WebsitesHotPadsSpecializes in rental listings, provides tools for property managers and landlords.
Rent.comFocus on rental properties, provides renters with various resources.

Real Estate Apps
PropertybaseConsists of a CRM which is integrated with MLS, all in one platform for real estate companies that helps capture leads.
LionDeskCRM platform that is used in the real estate industries to help mange relations with leads and customers
CINCA CRM platform that can manage and monitor incoming leads, saves time and increases conversion rate   
Sierra Interavtive  Allows to run real estate business from anywhere. Users can nurture leads, list properties and can track team performance as well. 
Open Home ProOne of the best real estate agent app that helps you get more leads. Allows to collect information and convert visitors into leads

How Can We Help You?

Leed Software Development can assist in the creation of your property listing app using Laravel. We provide technical expertise for the development or customization of the app. Their skilled developers understand your requirements and offer innovative ideas. Our developers specialize in building different features while still being user friendly! Leed will ensure that your app is built efficiently, helping bring your idea for property listing to success.


Property listing app Laravel is both secure and scalable, thanks to its syntax, functionality, and security features, which create an ideal platform for real estate apps that make connecting buyers and sellers simpler than ever before.

Laravel makes app development simpler by setting up an organized development environment and database schema. Designing an intuitive user interface, implementing essential functionalities such as photos or videos for user engagement, and deploying to reputable hosts are also included in this process.

Leed Software Development can assist in creating your property listing app from conception to reality. Our team can transform your vision into reality so that your real estate technology efforts can lead to success.

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